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With constantly varied classes and a dynamic community to train with, Muay Thai is not just another boring gym fad… it’s a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because Muay Thai is for people of all ages, and for those with drive and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with a 7 Day Intro Pass specifically designed for beginners, and discover if Muay Thai is the right fit for you.


Learn the basics

At Morakot Muaythai Gym, we have the highest standards of excellence. It is important that our students develop a solid base of fundamentals in order to correctly progress their skills and maximize their learning.

Our Level 1 Beginners Class is a great introduction to this exciting martial art. Students will learn how to kick, punch, knee, and elbow. They will also learn footwork, proper stance, and basic defense.

Students will be exposed to Morakot Muaythai Gym’s proven and tested curriculum including Muay Thai pad work and simple combinations in a fun and safe environment.


Build your skills, certified program

The Morakot Muay Thai grading is broken up into 8 distinct levels with separate training intensity, technical knowledge, and proficiency required at each level. Under the close watchful eye of our highly experienced trainers, this revolutionary systematic approach maximises learning with a sharp focus on technique, application, and understanding. To ensure the highest standards of excellence students will need to attain mastery of each level before being allowed to continue onto the next level. Official certifications will be awarded only to those that deserve it.


Take the next step

For the more seasoned Muay Thai student, Morakot Muaythai offers intermediate level classes. Those wishing to take their Muay Thai training to the next level will enjoy the variety of complex combinations, clinch techniques and sparring sessions.

Based on a carefully planned curriculum created by our highly experienced trainers, students will learn various offensive, defensive, and counter attack techniques. These techniques may be applied during sparring sessions.

This class is perfect for any student who is serious about competition and determined to hone his or her striking techniques.


Excellent supplement to your regular training routine

The Yoga Program at Morakot Muaythai Gym is tailored specifically as a core supplement to Muay Thai training. At Morakot, the yoga course is based on the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on breathing, asanas (postures), relaxation, and meditation. It is designed to improve the cardiovascular system, enhance overall flexibility, and increase mental focus. It is also designed to reduce the risk of injury from sports through proper body alignment and flexibility.


For the serious student

By invitation only. The Advanced Program at Morakot Muaythai Gym is reserved for serious Muay Thai students with previous high level training experience. Although competitive experience is not required, many students in the Advanced Program have competed in Muay Thai or have a strong desire to do so in the future.

5-12 Years Old


Martial Arts is an excellent way for children to learn critical life skills.

The philosophy of our Children’s Program is to help build life skills for your child through the martial arts. Your child will inherit confidence, mental strength, discipline, focus, and much more. Of course, the goal is also to bully-proof your child against bullies.
During a child’s formative years, it is critical for a child not to become a victim of bullying. The Morakot Children’s Program is a 360 degree approach to your child’s overall wellness.

One-On-One Training


Fast track your results

The Morakot Acceleration Program (TMAP) has been designed specifically by our international team of highly experienced and elite trainers. Through private 1-on-1 lessons, this program will accelerate your progress up to 400% more quickly as compared to the rate of progress in normal group classes.

With over 100 years of experience, the Morakot Instructor Team is Melbourne’s most experienced team. Many of the teaching and training techniques utilised by the professional Morakot Fight Team, will be uncovered in the Morakot Acceleration Program.